Sunday, March 28, 2010

Veggie Girl Makes an Appearance

As the token vegetarian contributor to your health through this blog, I think it to be very important that I lay my foundation out for you. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian: just a fancy way of saying no meat, yes eggs and milk. I do not think it is important to make people squirm in their seats as they enjoy a good hamburger so I typically do not tell people about my obscure eating habits. I first became a vegetarian at age 12 due to the wonderful influence of my Grandma... We'll call her Grandma Melba (GM). As a child I remember spending quality time at her house gagging on carrot juice and shuddering at soy milk. When I was a bit older, however, I began talking to GM about cholesterol, steroids, and the strain meat can put on your digestive tract and wondered how it would be to feed with the animals instead of upon them. The long and short of it: I still hate carrot juice, don't completely understand steroids, but love the way I feel after a fresh meal! From then on (a hefty 11 years now) I have focused on learning how to keep myself nourished and cook for a wide audience without taste testing. I am not perfect but love to learn new ways to honor the bodies of those that I love with good food. Here's to your health!

Over and Out,
Veggie Girl

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  1. You forgot to mention that while you are a vegetarian, your husband is a carnivore! haha it still makes me smile.