Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Yummy Naturally Sweet Treat!

Chocolate Coco Smoothie
(This is from the cookbook Nutritious Meets Delicious)

1 can coconut milk
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
1/3 c. agave nectar
1-4 c. ice cubes depending on preference
1 tsp. guar gum (optional, as a smoothing agent)

Just blend together in blender and enjoy! A few tips: 1) we use lite coconut milk and it is just as delicious and lots fewer calories. 2) Also, it can be pretty expensive ($2.00-2.50ish) but we get it at Sunflower Market for 99 cents a can:) Sometimes they have sales and it's even cheaper. You'll find it usually in the oriental section of any grocery store. 3) The ice really makes a difference in the consistency, if you want it thick, use almost 4 cups, but if you like it more smoothie style, we do between 1 and 3 cups.


  1. yum! sounds delicious. I am loving this blog, ladies. I tell everyone about it honestly. Your posts are awesome.

  2. This looks absolutely delicious!!

  3. It really is so good. We just had them again last night. It's kind of a regular treat at our house. Adding a little extra cocoa powder never hurts either:)